If my only job could be exploring and drinking coffee in cute cafes around the city, I would honestly be in heaven. There's so many amazing cafes in this city that it would take months before you could get through them all. 

Each cafe brings something super adorable and unique to the coffee scene in Toronto so you'll never feel like you're just drinking another over-priced coffee at the same type of independent cafe you always go to. 

This one in particular has something extra special to offer because not only do they sell delicious coffee and baked goods, but they also sell tons of mini succulents, mini cacti, hanging plants and terrariums! 

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Run and Gun Coffee is located at 1541 Dundas St W near the Brockton Village area in the west end. The space has a bunch of seating that's perfect for studying, catching up on work or with friends. 

When you walk in you'll see a big espresso bar where they'll make your delicious beverage and all over the walls and hanging from the ceilings there will be rows of plants that you can actually purchase and bring home with you to liven up your living space! 

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Not only that but they also have a super cute neon 'peace' sign that's great for Instagram's and you can choose to have your espresso drink in an actual cocktail glass if you're feeling boujee!

They also screen movies and shows throughout the day on their projector which is perfect if you want some entertainment during your study breaks throughout the day. 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information.