This Hidden Cove In Ontario Is Picture Perfect For A Summer Date

Your own secret hideaway.
This Hidden Cove In Ontario Is Picture Perfect For A Summer Date

Looking for a a unique place for a summer date? In Ontario, there's a beautiful cove tucked away in the Georgian Bay that's picture perfect for a day trip.

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Covered Portage Cove is a secluded bay that serves as a peaceful hideaway for sailors and hikers alike. The teal-blue waters of the cove are hugged by towering granite cliffs, which take on unique rock formations on both sides. Atop them are a thick population of cedars and pines that add to the overall beauty of the site.

During the summer, the cove is studded with boats and kayaks which offer great boat watching opportunities for passing hikers. Many people often hike the main trail through the forested cliffs, which leads to the highest bluff in the cove, or rent a tandem kayak and paddle through the gorgeous waters.

From there, you can see the entire harbour, as well as parts of the neighbouring Frazier Bay. It's a perfect spot for a relatively private picnic with a friend or special someone.

Covered Portage Cove is a four-hour drive from Toronto, on the way to Manitoulin Island. Before you head out, make sure to dress appropriately for the outdoors and pack extra food and water. 

Visit Covered Portage Cove this summer!

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