This Hidden Toronto Cafe Is Insanely Cute And Has Amazing Food

They have WI-FI and closed-off rooms for studying 📚
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This Hidden Toronto Cafe Is Insanely Cute And Has Amazing Food

If you've exhausted all of Toronto's hidden gems, you may want to turn your attention to this best-kept secret.

Charidise, a new cafe smack-dab in the middle of Downtown, combines casual dining with a chic menu and Instagram-worthy interior design. 

Nestled away from busy streets in Baldwin Village, the cafe serves what they call 'Taiwanese gourmet', and the menu is a diverse mix of poutine, burgers, rice, noodles and fried snacks. 

The cafe's name is a combination of the word 'cha', meaning tea', and 'paradise', which is a great fit considering the cafe is a beverage-lovers utopia. 

In addition to your standard coffees (which there are nine different types of), Charadise's drink menu is devoted to slushies, milkshakes, sparkling drinks and a whopping 20 types of tea - hot, milk, bubble and iced. 

But it's the interior that's most impressive. Spanning two massive floors with a capacity to hold three hundred people, Charadise's interior is outfitted in a teal and copper scheme with tons of geometric shapes.

The cafe's huge space is dynamic enough to accommodate a variety of different needs, and if innovative workspaces get your creative juices flowing, then this might just be your new favourite study (or work) spot. Quiter areas to the back and upstairs suit those who need a noise-free space, with glassed-off areas and comfy seating. 

Looking for a place to get together with friends? You'll find a semi-private, bright room towards the back with a skylight that's perfect for parties, or go ahead and utilise one of the cafe's two patios - there's one out front and another on the roof with an incredible view of the city.

Mains here will set you back around $15, but if you're just looking for a place to chill out and use the wifi, the delicious popcorn chicken and Taiwanese sausage come in at $8 each. Alternatively, drinks and desserts (like the mouthwatering cotton candy honey toast or cheesecake sundae) range anywhere from $3.50-$13.00)

Located on 27 Baldwin Street, Charidise is open from 11:00am until 11:00pm every day. For more information on their menu or reservations, visit their website.

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