I think we're all pretty ready for summer. We get a little tease of spring here and there, but can we just skip over spring and go right to summer? I'm ready for patio days, tans, and of course, everything involving water. Not a lot is better than grabbing your friends, making a playlist, and heading out on a road trip. And when you can spend all day out in the sun, that's even better!

Two and a half hours from Toronto is Rock Glen Conservation Area, which has a stunning waterfall and a swimming hole. It's located in Arkona, ON which is about a 45 minute drive from London. Rock Glen Conservation Area has a ton of beautiful sights to take in, but the Rock Glen Falls are definitely the most beautiful of them all. 

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Rock Glen Falls is a stunning 10.7 metre high water fall that will cool you off during hot summer days. Below it is a small but beautiful blue swimming hole that you can swim around in with all your BFFs. This waterfall is the parks most famous feature, but Rock Glen Conservation Area has a ton of other perks as well. 

You can hike around Rock Glen Conservation Area, from the Ausable Gorge through to the Carolinian Forest. You can pretty much spend all day here, and it's totally worth the trip. If you don't feel like getting into the waterfall or the water in general, don't worry. They have a boardwalk, trails, and other scenic lookouts that will give you an amazing view of the waterfall. 

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Although this conservation area isn't free, it's only $3.75 per person or $2.25 if you're a student. So all you really need to pay for is snacks, gas money, and a little pocket change to get to this stunning hidden waterfall! Even cooler? You can search for fossils in the water at the bottom of the waterfall. I mean, this place couldn't get better. 

Rock Glen Conservation Area is open all year round, but the falls only start to look their best during the warmer months. This is definitely the perfect way to spend a summer day, and the road trip is so worth it. For more information, visit their website here

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