All those serial killer dramas on Netflix have prepared you for this horror escape game in Toronto, which traps you in a terrifying house and has you playing a murderer's sick game.

13 Sedah Ave is allegedly the scariest escape game in Canada. Produced by NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms, which also brought to life a Saw-themed escape room and a one-of-a-kind Van Escape, the game features multiple freaky rooms that will trigger all of your deepest phobias.

"Rumour has it, everyone who's broken into 13 Sedah Ave. has experienced some sort of paranormal activity," reads the game description. "A group dare turns into a horrifying nightmare when you realize that nothing about this place is haunted. It's just a sick game, and you're the main attraction."

 Many reviewers will vouch for the escape room's realistic set designs and gameplay. It's so detailed that the game comes with a 16+ age limit, and a warning regarding extreme content, gore and inappropriate language. It even says that the game is not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights...

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13 Sedah Ave. accommodates up to 8 people at a time and allots 70 minutes for each group to complete. You'll need to tap into your advanced skills of searching and discovering, lateral thinking, and physical maneuvering to succeed.

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