Get ready for the scare of your life - one escape room in Canada claims to be scariest in the country, and it definitely lives up to that reputation!

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NOWAYOUT is an entertainment facility in Mississauga that offers disturbingly realistic horror-themed escape room missions. The detail of their rooms is remarkable - the concepts, decorations and special effects are always extremely well thought out. Their ultimate goal is to make participants feel like they've left the real world and entered a nightmare.

Unlike most other escape rooms, NOWAYOUT's missions are much more physically engaging - you'll have to crawl, run, jump  and climb obstacles, and be forced to use certain elements in the rooms to survive. The missions are also not one-dimensional, which means every single decision you make will affect the final outcome.

Their two horror-themed escape rooms, 13 Sedah Ave., and The Red Market, both have compelling story lines that will get you in a frightful mood:

13 Sedah Ave. is about a dare gone completely wrong - you and your friends break into the allegedly haunted house only to find out that there's nothing haunted about the house at all. You've been trapped into a game conceived by a sick mastermind, and you must work together to escape the house before it's too late.

The Red Market has Saw-like elements to its story. It deals primarily with organ trafficking, and you're the unfortunate victim. After being kidnapped by a broker, surgeon and recipient, you must find a way out before you lose your organs, one by one.

So then, are you brave enough to try these out? Book your tickets online here!

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