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This Incredible Canyon In Ontario Is Worth Visiting At Least Once In Your Life

The most breathtaking views in the province.

Ontario is filled with all sorts of beautiful and wondrous places. It's got everything from magical islandsstunning peninsulas, beautiful parks and surreal waterfalls. With so much to see, it's hard to plan a trip to all of these places during our short Canadian summers.

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But if there's any one place in Ontario that deserves your visit before the summer ends, it's the magnificent and awe-inspiring Ouimet Canyon. Located in the northwestern municipality of Dorion, the canyon features gigantic cliffs that offer breathtaking views of the 150 metre-wide gorge.

Trails and walkways lead to several lookout points so you can witness the canyon in all its glory. Along your walk, you'll encounter some rare alpine plants that are typically found much farther north. The bottom of the canyon, which is a staggering 100-meters deep, also serves as a habitable environment for other unique arctic plants, so you're bound to see striking hues of oranges, reds and yellows.

The canyon also offers several opportunities for birdwatching, as many neotropical birds and rare species (such as the Peregrine Falcon) often fly in the skies overhead.

The canyon is located within Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park, which is a day-use only park. However, nearby is also Eagle Canyon, a smaller, privately-owned area that features camping sites, lakes for swimming and canoeing/kayaking, long footbridges that stretch across the gorge, and a wicked zipline.

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Plan your visit Ouimet Canyon today!

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