Summer is the season for adventure and exploration. Those in Ontario seeking a memorable travel experience should definitely consider a road trip to one of North America's oldest natural attractions.

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The Ausable Chasm is a surreal 150-foot-tall gorge in New York that has been coined "The Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks". Established in 1870, the chasm welcomes hundreds of tourists every year. Some of the most unique rock formations are found here, including the Elephant's Head, Column Rock Hyde's Cave and Jacob's Well. It's only a 3.5-hour drive from Kingston, Ontario via the Thousand Islands border.

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The chasm is a hub for exciting outdoor activities and experiences. The main attraction is a two-part Classic Tour that takes visitors on a scenic hike through the upper areas of the chasm. Along the way, there are winding trails, waterfalls, primeval forests rock contours and suspension bridges to be encountered. The tour ends with a descent to the Ausable River below, which cuts through the entire gorge. Visitors are then taken on a relaxing float down the legendary waters in tubes or rafts, between the towering cliffs of the Grand Flume.

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More adventurous tourers could opt for a Rock & River Adventure that incorporates rock climbing, cable traversing and rappelling into a 5-mile guided hike through the chasm.

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There's also no need to book a hotel - the chasm is equipped with its very own campground tucked within the Adirondack Mountains, so you can stay overnight. There are several outdoor opportunities at the campground, including swimming, playgrounds, hiking trails, shuffleboard, basketball, night time beach volleyball, mountain biking and disc golf.

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