This Insane Botanical Oasis Just Outside Of Toronto Will Transport You To The Tropics

A slice of the tropics in the city!
This Insane Botanical Oasis Just Outside Of Toronto Will Transport You To The Tropics

While it's supposed to be Spring right now, it feels like anything but Spring weather in the city, and even if you like the Winter season, it's safe to say most Torontonians are officially over the cold. Thankfully there is one way to at least trick yourself into it feeling like Spring, even as if you are chilling in the tropics if you've got a big enough imagination and it's thanks to this insane botanical spot in Ontario 

Jill Jensen Botanicals sources tropical plants to tons of spots around Ontario and have been in the business since 1997. Naturally, as a place that deals with plants, their location is packed with plants of all sorts, it's basically Allan Gardens on steroids. Though they specifically specialize in tropical plants meaning tons of palm trees and unique flora and fauna to boot! 

From Sago palm trees to succulents and traditional house plants, the spot is basically heaven for anybody who has even the slightest of a green thumb! Just look at these photos and try to tell me you don't want to jump in your car to visit as soon as possible: 

It's safe to say they not only have some insane botanical offerings but unique ones as well! Making it the perfect place to shop for your next houseplant in the spirit of the Spring weather, or maybe just visit to graze through the store and enjoy the tropical ambiance. 

If you are already planning to visit, you can check them out at their location over at 3333 Pollard Road where they run from 7:30 AM to 5 PM Monday-Thursday, and then 7:30 AM to 4 PM on Fridays! You can also check out their website by clicking here for more information. 

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