If you look out your window right this very second all you'll see is blue skies, no clouds and sunshine for miles! Yup, that's right spring is here and summer is just around the corner! All the local ice cream shops have had lineups out the door for weeks already because we're all just too eager for the warm weather to kick in. 

Ice cream, sorbet and gelato are necessities during the warm months of the year, you just can't go without them. It cools you down when you're hot and gives you a sweet treat to enjoy because you know you deserve it. 

If you're looking for a new spot to try rather than your usual go-to ice cream shop, you should definitely check out Kekou Gelato! 

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The adorable Kekou Gelato is located at 394 Queen St W right near Chinatown. This super cute gelato parlour has minimalist decor and exciting wallpaper that makes it one of the most instagrammable gelato shops in the city. 

They make all their gelato from scratch with simple ingredients and no extra fillers. Most of their flavours are Asian-inspired which tend to be less sweet and creamy than other gelato. They serve a few different forms of sweet treats; regular gelato scoops, gelato bars dipped in melted chocolate and nuts, popsicles made with real fruit, and soft serve cones! 

Some of the flavours you can find at this gelato parlour include green tea, ginger chocolate, Vietnamese coffee, Hong Kong milk tea, black sesame, Rosewater pistachio, peanut sesame and sooo much more! 

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But gelato and sweet creamy treats aren't the only thing shop offers, they also make a whole menu of drinks as well! They serve up delicious bubble teas that are all fruit-based and don't include any artificial powders or syrups. 

You can fully customize any of their teas, sodas, coffee based drinks and herbal milk blends to make it exactly what you want. They currently have two locations, one on Queen West and the other in Baldwin Village for you to indulge in this summer! 

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Check out their website for more information.