Toronto definitely has no shortage of amazing cafes and restaurants that can keep our bucket lists filled for years and years. Honestly, you could try and visit all the hot spots in the city and it would take you forever to get through them because there's just so many and new ones keep popping up every day! 

But this definitely isn't a bad thing, we're incredibly lucky to live in a city that has a never-ending amount of new restaurants and cafes to check out! Nutbar just opened up in the new Assembly Chef's Hall and you're definitely going to want to check it out. 

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Nutbar is a Superfood snack cafe that serves 100% all organic food that is always fresh and tastes delicious! The Assembly Chef's Hall is located at 111 Richmond St W or you can check out their other location at 1240 Yonge St

Not only do all their snacks look gorgeous and are perfect for pictures, but they're also super healthy! Some of the amazing snacks you can try are their numerous types of toasts like avocado toast, almond butter toast, or white bean hummus toast. They also serve healthy bowls like chia bowls and acai bowls! 

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This spot is perfect for a snack and coffee on the go when you're on your way into work, heading to an exam or or you just need a quick burst of natural energy. 

They also make a list of delicious drinks that all have healthy benefits. Try any one of their numerous smoothies, their unique specialty drinks like tumeric lattes, matcha lattes, fresh cranberry drink, detox chlorophyll water, ginger bombs and so much more! 

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Nutbar is all about providing you with healthy alternatives to snacks on the go and giving you a delicious way to add more superfoods into your diet! Check out their website for more information and a full menu!