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This Is The Insane Ice Cream Taco Spot In Toronto You Need To Try ASAP

I think it's safe to say that unless you're lactose intolerant you're obsessed with ice cream and you literally can't get enough of it. Ice cream is one of those desserts that will never go out of style because there's so many amazing flavours and cool forms it can come in. 

This Toronto spot is doing it bigger and better by making their delicious ice cream into a taco! Booyah Inc. makes waffle cones into the shape of taco shells and piles it high with scoops of their flavourful ice cream then they top it all of with sweet toppings! 

Booyah Inc. is located at 16 Vaughan Rd in Toronto's St. Clair West area. This shop brings you a one of a kind ice cream experience that is so much better than eating your scoops out of a plain old cone. 

Some of the flavours you can find on their menu consistently is cotton candy, toasted marshmallow, cookies & cream, birthday cake, mint chip, strawberry, chocolate chip cookie dough and sooo much more! All you have to do is choose one or multiple flavours to add into your taco, choose your toppings and then enjoy! 

Ice cream tacos aren't the only unique dessert to highlight the menu at this spot. They also serve something called a 'sweet pocket' which is basically a cinnamon bun topped with Nutella and stuffed with ice cream! The outside is warm but the inside is cool and gooey, it's literally heaven.

Another unique thing they bring to the ice cream table is their cereal bar ice cream. Choose your ice cream flavour and then add up to 2 different kinds of cereals to the top of your scoop to make it into your childhood dream cone! 

Check out their website for more information! 

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