This Is The Most Instagrammable Japanese Dessert Shop & Cafe In Toronto

Going for dessert and coffee in Toronto is already a culture in and of itself. Weekends are basically made for cafe hopping with your BFFs and finding new and cute spots to check out is our favourite things to do. 

Though this place isn't exactly new and some of you might already know about it, but if you haven't yet heard you're going to be sprinting over there ASAP! Little Pebbles is probably the cutest Japanese dessert shop and cafe in the city and here's why. 

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They serve the prettiest desserts that you've probably ever seen, you might not even want to eat them they're so gorgeous! Their coffees are also incredibly cute with perfect latte art every time. 

They're located at 160 Baldwin St in Kensington Market and offer a super unique and enjoyable dessert shop and cafe experience! 

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What are some of the specialty desserts on their menu? They specialize in tons of things but you should absolutely try their sweet mochi, matcha tiramisu, strawberry Sakura mont blanc, mille feuille and so much more! 

They also serve yummy lattes from regular lattes, to matcha lattes to black sesame lattes! 

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If you need some adorable content for your Instagram page, this is definitely one of the top spots in the city! Check out their website for more information.