A first date can be stressful, twice as stressful if its a dinner date. Picking the right spot is no easy feat and picking the wrong place could start your evening on a terrible note.

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What if your date is vegetarian? What if the ambiance isn't juuuust right? What if the place can't make a decent cocktails? The list of things that could turn things sour on your date really is endless. But don't worry, as always, we have you covered!

Pray Tell   is a cozy snackbar located at 838 College St that really is THE perfect place to take a casual date.

Why? Well for starters look how freakin' cute but still stylish it is:


In the evening the place is illuminated by warm lighting from candles on the tables and floating orb-like lighting from above, creating a very smouldering and sexy environment. The abundance of plants on the back wall give the place a very airy, playful feel, perfect for a casual date.

Let's move on the food, shall we? Pray Tell specializes in shareable plates, with gluten free and vegetarian options.



And you can't go wrong with GOURMET PIZZA POPS. Everyone and anyone likes pizza, so your date will be pleasantly surprised by this delicious snack that comes in a vegetarian version as well as a deluxe version.