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This Is The No-Membership Solution If You Can't Commit To A Gym

'Cause Toronto has a s*%! ton of fitness clubs
This Is The No-Membership Solution If You Can't Commit To A Gym

It’s time to explore the possibilities of 2017 to avoid thinking back on 2016. Talking about the New Year, it's time to get your ass back to the gym and stick to those resolutions!

Getting in shape can be costly, and Torontonians should not have to make the financial choice between a fitness class or food for the week. Enter JustTryIt, a $50 pass that can be used for 10 fitness classes in Toronto.

Within four months (to power through winter), you have 10 classes to use at more than 45 studios in Toronto. And auto-renew can suck it. This passport is a one-time fee of $50, and then nothing happens to you or your credit card. The only thing that is at risk is finding your secret passion for boxing, CrossFit, yoga, or something else that will require a new Instagram identity.

JustTryIt’s passport is perfect for people with multiple identities. Local studios love JustTryIt because it's Canadian, and #localonlocal love is real. Whether you’ve just watched a Jackie Chan movie and need to try martial arts, watched the latest dance movie and need to get to a Barre class, or watched Eat Pray Love and want to try yoga, there are plenty of opportunities to do so!

Ultimately, trying without committing is an amazing way to start something new. Living in Toronto is already extremely trying on the budget front, so $5 workouts are a welcome relief on your wallet. Most of these classes are regularly at least $25 for a single drop-in class, so you might as well get the pass. You'll not only save money and discover new physical activities, you'll also be in better shape! A total win-win situation, seriously.  

AND, if you get your passport by January 31, you’ll receive a “special gift” when you mention Narcity! So you can get all the fun, explore the city, sweat a bunch, and not have to sign up for a monthly subscription. This time, JustTryIt.

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