This Is The 'Super Mario Brothers 3' TTC Map

Phallic-shaped TTC poster < Super Mario Bros TTC poster.

Photo cred - Dave Delisle

In celebration of the penis-poster being taken down from Downsview bus station almost as quickly as it went up (the puns just sort of happen), we revisited one of our favourite versions of the TTC map to date, The Super Mario Brothers 3 version.

Vancouver-based freelance artist, Dave Delisle released this 8-bit video game map of the TTC subway back in 2012. He has also created similar maps for the Vancouver Sky Train and the Calgary C-Train. Delisle had told the Toronto Star that he was inspired by the Mario 3 layout, "The fixed paths and levels look like routes and stations to me."

Unlike the phallic-shaped debacle that transpired on Tuesday, The TTC approved of this map. "It's a nice throwback and kind of nostalgic for some of us who remember 8-bit video games"

 Now this is a TTC theme for maps we could get on board with!