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This Is Toronto's Best Spot For Korean Ice Cream

Your favourite shaved ice treat!
This Is Toronto's Best Spot For Korean Ice Cream

Now that we can officially say spring has sprung in the city, it's acceptable to go back to eating as much ice cream as our hearts desire without shivering uncontrollably. I mean, we always continue to eat ice cream all winter long anyways but we all know it's much more pleasant once the temperature heats up again. 

There's a spot right here in Toronto that serves up Korean style ice cream, or Bingsu as it's called in Korea, and you need to try it ASAP! The Cups is a cafe dedicated to creating the most outrageously massive and delicious Bingsu in the city and they do an excellent job at it. 

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The Cups currently has two locations, one at 5 Glen Cameron Rd in Thornhill and one at 3235 Hwy 7 in Markham. They recently closed down their North York location to make way for bigger and better things to come! 

Some of the best flavours on their menu include their green grape bingsu topped with a tower of green grapes, coffee bingsu, tiramisu bingsu topped with a slice of tiramisu cake, matcha bingsu, black sesame bingsu and so much more! 

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What's also super special about this Korean ice cream shop is that they offer bingsu to go so you can enjoy your delicious treat on the run! This ice cream shop is definitely worth the trek outside the downtown core to try all their amazing flavours of this yummy shaved ice dessert! 

Follow their Instagram for updates on future locations. 

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