This Is What A $1000/Per Month Apartment Looks Like Across Toronto

Hint: It's not pretty.
This Is What A $1000/Per Month Apartment Looks Like Across Toronto

It's definitely common knowledge that apartment hunting in Toronto can be pretty brutal. The cost of renting is absurdly high, and finding a decent apartment for a reasonable price can seem pretty impossible. I wish that in this article I could show you a fail proof way to finding a great apartment at a fraction of the cost. But sadly, all I can say is that renting in Toronto is just the worst.

For the purpose of this article, I wanted to compare what apartments across Toronto looked like at less that $1000/per month. What I found was lots of basement apartments, a few tiny studios, and some decent one bedrooms that are pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Here is what you can get for less than $1000 across the Toronto.

Photo: Kijiji

The Annex

Location: Olive Avenue

Property Type: Basement Studio Apartment

Amneties: Laundry, fridge, stove

Cost: $975/month

The Beaches

Location: Allen Avenue

Property Type: Basement 1 Bedroom Apartment

Amneties: New appliances, hardwood floors

Cost: $950/month

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Queen West

Location: Argyle Street

Property Type: 1 room in 2 Bedroom Apartment within House

Amneties: Balcony, Kitchen

Cost: $900/month

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Little Italy

Location: Markham Street

Property Type: 1 Bedroom Apartment in House

Amenities: Kitchen, Parking included

Cost: $950/month

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Danforth Village

Location: Danforth Avenue

Property Type: 1 Bedroom Apartment

Amenities: Heat and Hydro included, hardwood floors, fridge and stove

Cost: $975/month


Location: Triller Avenue

Property Type: 1 Bedroom Apartment

Amenities: Hardwood floors, fridge and stove, Balcony

Cost: $950/month

Photo: Kijiji


Location: Vaughan Road

Property Type: Bachelor Apartment

Amenities: Electricity

Cost: $925/month