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This Is What Mississauga's Massive New Lakeside Village Will Look Like And It’s Stunning (PHOTOS)

Lakeview Community Partners planning new lakeside village for Mississauga.
This Is What Mississauga's Massive New Lakeside Village Will Look Like And It’s Stunning (PHOTOS)

A brand new village is in the works near Toronto and it sure looks like a beautiful place to live. Mississauga is getting a new waterfront community, called Lakeview Village, where thousands of people will live and work. The first phase of construction for Lakeview Village is expected to start in 2020. 

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Lakeview Community Partners recently bought out the land of a former power-plant in Mississauga for $275 million dollars. They are now planning to revitalize the entire area into a vibrant livable waterfront district. The company will spend the next 10 to 15 years transforming the side into Lakeview Village, where there will be up to 8,000 residential units, according to The Globe and Mail

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Lakeview Village plans to be "Canada's next great waterfront village", according to its website. The project is expected to bring housing to 15,000 to 17,000 people, as well as provide hundreds of thousands of square feet for commercial and retail buildings. Lakeview Village also plans to bring 10 to 15 acres for campus and cultural lands. 

The developers forecast that by the end of 2019, planning approvals will be completed. It's expected that people will be able to start moving into the new Lakeview Village in 2023, according to The Globe and Mail

There are already photos of what the new Lakeside Village could look like and from the pictures, this waterfront village will be absolutely stunning. Check out the preview of Lakeside Village. 

“I think it can be the greatest community on Lake Ontario.” A sneak peek into the vision for the community at Lakeview Village. This 177-acre waterfront destination will revolutionize the way people live, visit and experience Lake Ontario. #MyLakeviewVillage #Mississauga

January 18, 2019

Via Lakeview Community Partners

"Lakeview Village will breathe new life into Mississauga’s waterfront," says the official website. "Lakeview Village will create a place where people can connect with Lake Ontario".

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Via Lakeview Community Partners

Via Lakeview Community Partners

The new neighbourhood will be "a model in green and sustainable urban living", according to the developers. It will also bring both work and play opportunities, creating 3,500 to 4,500 long term jobs. 

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Via Lakeview Community Partners

To find out more about Lakeview Village, you can visit their official website

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