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This Is What Ontario Cannabis Users Are Getting Fined For The Most By Police

Ontario police reveal the most frequent cannabis-related offence they are ticketing Ontarians for.
This Is What Ontario Cannabis Users Are Getting Fined For The Most By Police

Following the nationwide legalization of cannabis, a massive campaign was launched in Ontario to help educate the public on what's legal and what isn't when it comes to cannabis use. Though it still seems some people still aren't aware of all the rules. Especially when Ontario police claim that even now, four months into legalization, they are writing approximately 21 tickets a day for offences related to cannabis

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It's not necessarily a surprise considering no matter how much campaigning the province could have done, there is still going to be misinformation and gaps when it comes to educating the entire province over the course of a few months. As a result of the combined rush, excitement and preparation for the public it's no surprise there has been a bit of a learning curve for Ontarians when it comes to learning how to smoke weed the legal way. The tickets range in offences but there is one offence that stands out for Ontario police. 

When it comes to Ontario's most commonly issued fine, provincial police officers say that finding cannabis in a vehicle is the winner. The offence accounts for a whopping 1,047 of the last 1,652 tickets doled out when it comes to cannabis-related offences. According to a lawyer, Jack Llyod, who spoke with Global News, the ticket can come from anything such as having "a joint in a cupholder [to] a small baggie in a cup holder." 

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This even applies to cannabis that cannot be immediately consumed in the state it's in when it's found inside the car, meaning dried flower can get you in trouble too. In order to be able to drive legally with cannabis in your car, the drug has to be in the trunk of your car. 

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The details on this offence are definitely something you'll want to keep in mind considering fines for the offence can get as high as $100,000. Though according to Llyod, fines haven't gotten anywhere near that number as "the largest traffickers max out at $25,000- that would be a big fine." 

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To learn more about the laws surrounding cannabis and how to enjoy the drug legally you can click here

Source: Global News 

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