Toronto's weather has been seriously depressing lately. Winter has been coming down hard, proving Canadian winters can be seriously brutal. The city has been under an extreme cold weather warning for the past little while, and temperatures have been as cold as -30° Celsius. However, it looks like all of that is finally going to change soon. After what seems like forever, we finally know when Toronto's extreme cold weather warning is expected to end

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Environment Canada lifted their extreme cold weather warning for Toronto today. For southern Ontario, "a milder air mass will begin to move in Tuesday", says Environment Canada. This means starting tomorrow, the extreme cold weather is forecasted to finally come to an end, at least for now. 

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The weather forecast also shows much warmer and friendlier temperatures are starting tomorrow. According to the forecast from Accuweather, Toronto's weather is expected to rise to -2° Celsius tomorrow on January 22 and the city is forecasted to be "not as cold" and partly sunny. 

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Not only will it be significantly less cold starting tomorrow, but Torontonians will also experience temperatures above 0° Celsius on Wednesday. Accuweather forecasts that the city will see temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. 

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The warmer temperatures will be a seriously nice change from the up to -30° Celsius weather Toronto has been experiencing lately. Just yesterday on Sunday, January 20, Environment Canada warned locals that they could be hit with frostbite within minutes of stepping outside in the Greater Toronto Area. There were even over 350 car crashes within 24 hours in the Toronto area because of the snowy conditions. 

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Toronto is not the only Canadian city to be hit with an extreme cold weather warning lately. Just last week, there were extreme cold weather warnings all across Canada, proving just how harsh Canadian winters can be. 

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The extreme cold weather warnings affected eight provinces last week: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and New Brunswick. So in other words, over half of the Canadian provinces had fiercely cold temperatures. 

So starting tomorrow, Torontonians can enjoy some relief from the extremely cold temperatures that swept through the GTA.