There’s only one place n Toronto where you’ll find rockabilly vibes and authentic Japanese sakes blended together in perfect harmony. Black Dice, a tucked-away watering hole in Brockton Village, stands out for its old-world atmosphere and unique beverage offerings.

Owned and designed by Hideki Saito, the cozy space is a heartfelt ode to the 1950’s. The walls are lined with retro posters and records from the era, and there are a few rare items from Saito’s personal collection to check out as well, like his bowling pin lamps and vintage jukebox.

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You could always opt for a typical craft beer or spirit, but you’d be missing out on the incredible selection of Japanese whiskies, cocktails and sakes on the menu. One of the sakes, called the Sho Chiku Bai, is even on tap and is served in a traditional vase-like container and tiny cups.

For those who are not familiar with sake, it is a Japanese rice wine that is made by fermenting bran-removed rice. It is somewhat like beer, but with a slightly higher alcohol content and milky texture.

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Black Dice also offers a variety of sake-based cocktails, like the Ronin ($10) which is made with vodka, sake and Asian Calpico. These are perfect to pair with the bar’s cheap snacks, like wasabi peas and deep-fried octopus balls.

Visit Black Dice Cafe at: 1574 Dundas St W

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