With more and more Asian food chains opening up in Toronto, we've gotten a huge plethora of yummy and popular desserts like matcha cheesecake, coffee buns, souffle pancakes and bingsu.... but what about desserts that are rich in earthy flavour but it is a PURPLE colour? Yes, it is an odd colour for food... but it is very pretty. 

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None of the restaurants that set up shop in Toronto have made use of this delicious purple sweet potato, but Cafe Bora, a popular chain restaurant in Korea, is finally coming to downtown Toronto. 

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Cafe Bora has locations spread in Korea, Thailand and even LA-- and they're finally setting up shop in Toronto's beautiful and luxurious Yorkville, at Bellair Avenue. Imagine: you with your purple-hued desserts, snapping a pic infront of the infamous Yorkville Rock, then sitting above it, socializing with your friends. Come Spring, Yorkville's beautiful cherry blossoms on Cumberland St. will be the perfect backdrop for Cafe Bora's adorable purple desserts. 

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We're talking about purple sweet potato cheesecake, sweet potato bingsu (shaved ice), sweet potato tiramisu... oh, and sweet potato ice cream. (Ube lovers will definitely want to try this). To add onto the purple-craze, all dessert orders at Cafe Bora come with a side of free, complimentary purple sweet potato chips! The great thing about these IG-worthy snacks is that they're 100% natural... they are made from sweet potatoes afterall. 

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Who doesn't love sweet carbs, amiright? 

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If sweet potato isn't your thing, they also serve dessert flavours like the classic matcha, red bean and other popular fruity flavours. Cafe Bora will come to Toronto's Yorkville (87 Yorkville Avenue) in September. Check out their website for more details.