Dak-Galbi is a traditional Korean dish with stir-fried marinated chicken in a gochujang-based sauce with cabbage, sweet potato, red pepper paste, green onion, carrot and rice cakes. 

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At Hancook, they serve spicy CHEESE Dakgalbi on a sizzling plate that's bigger than your head. This shareable plate is great for social gatherings and it is definitely underrated in Toronto, because not a lot of people really know about it!

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For $13.49 per person, the plates are so big you can probably have up to 4 friends eating from this huge plate of spicy heaven. You can get several extra toppings like ramen noodles, extra rice cakes, fried rice with extra sauce, udon noodles, steamed rice and extra cheese. Mmmm.

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The large sizzling plate-bowls are served on top of an electronic portable stovetop, so your large bowl of deliciousness stays sizzling throughout the night. 

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If you love pasta or ramen or both, you need to try this innovative, popular Korean Dakgalbi. Aside from their famous Dakgalbi, they also serve other widely-loved Korean dishes like beef bulgogi ($11.99), Spicy Squid ($11.99), Pork Bone Soup ($9.99) and Hot Stone Bibimbap ($11.99).

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Most of their menu items are all under $15, which is steal in the Toronto food scene! The only items that are over $15 is their Grape Chamisul Soju ($15.99) and their BudaeJJigae ($26.99 per person), which is a shareable sausage hot pot with sausage, tofu, cheese, bean sprouts and cabbage mixed into a traditional Korean red pepper paste soup. They also serve a variety of beer, soju and sake. 

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For dessert (dinner only), they serve red bean shaved ice and it is totally FREE. Talk about getting a really big bang for your buck. Bigger than your head, to be precise. 

Hancook is located at 605 Bloor Street West in Toronto and they are open from 12pm until close everyday.

For more info, please visit their website.