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This Laser Skin Clinic In Toronto Has Super Good Reviews And You Need To Check It Out

Laser hair removal, laser acne treatments and more!

We can all relate to the discomfort of shaving our legs. It sucks, you always knick yourself and of course, the hair always grows back. That's why laser hair removal is so amazing. It takes a few months (around 5-7 treatments, to be exact), but then poof! You're hair free and look/feel AMAZING.  

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However, it is really hard to find a clinic that has solid reviews, values safety and health, is accommodating to all skin and hair types, AND does a great job, too. That is why I am obsessed with IGBeauty, an amazing laser skin clinic in Toronto that has amazing reviews and treats their clients incredibly. 

Via IGBeauty

First of all, they service EVERY skin and hair type, even really thick and dark hair. Most clinics do not do this, so no matter who you are, you know that IGBeauty will be able to help you. Oh, and btw? This includes Manzilians, too - so any guys out there who are interested in getting lasered and looking their best, know you'll get top quality service. Secondly, they’ve got two different lasers for hair removal: The Gentle Max Pro® and the LightSheer® Duet™, both of which are Health Canada and FDA approved. So you know you’re in good hands!

Via IGBeauty

IGBeauty does technically specialize in laser hair removal (and especially Brazilians/Manzilians), but they offer so many other services as well! They can help with skin care, beauty, laser scar treatment, laser acne treatments and tons more! No matter what service you are looking for, IGBeauty has got your back - and their prices are super reasonable, too. 

Plus their staff are well trained professionals - they have a team consisting of medical estheticians, laser technicians, registered nurses, nail artists and technicians, permanent makeup artists and more. 

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IGBeauty has been killing it since 2010, where they have seen every type of patient no matter their gender or age. They offer incredible customer service and make you feel comfortable during the whole process. What's really awesome about IGBeauty, though, is that the staff legit know what they are doing! They're all well trained, constantly updating their knowledge and are experts in their field. 

Via IGBeauty

So if you're looking to improve your skin in any way, or you're looking for some super safe laser hair removal that has amazing results... stick to a laser clinic that's known for its quality and that puts a whole lot of priority on health and safety! Book an appointment now and SLAY the rest of summer!

For more information about IGBeauty, check out their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube