With the warm weather finally returning, summer activities like river tubing are also coming back into style. In Ontario, there are several rivers that make great spots for lazy tubing.

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But there's one river that's particularly great for a tubing session. The Saugeen River in Hanover runs alongside a campsite where many visitors often set up camp or park their RV's. There are two tubing options available at the river: short run sessions which last 45 minutes each, and long run sessions which last 2 hours each.

River riders are encouraged to bring their own tubes, kayaks or air mattresses, however, rentals are also available for relatively cheap:

River shoes, swimsuits, towels, water bottles and retainers for glasses or jewellery are also advised.

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While alcohol is prohibited during river rides, they are still allowed on the campsite. For more information, visit their website SaugeenSpringsPark.com.