Today, it was announced that Blayne Lastman, son of Toronto's former mayor Mel Lastman, is stepping up and putting in a bid to run a mayoral campaign this fall. 

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If you're not from Toronto or the GTA, this name may not hold a lot of meaning to you, nor would you necessarily recognize who the Lastman family is. Yet, after some research, it became very clear who Blayne Lastman is and why his run for mayor is going to get soooo much media attention. 

@lastmansbadboyembedded via  

@lastmansbadboyembedded via  

That's right! Blayne Lastman is known from his recurring role as the "Bad Boy" in Lastman's Bad Boy Furniture commercials that were impossible to escape throughout the 1990's.

After Mel Lastman became the North York mayor in 1972, he then sold the company off to focus on politics back in 1975. Blayne made it his mission to continue the Bad Boy legacy one day. Meanwhile, Mel began his long run as mayor of Toronto for 34 years. 

In 1991, Blayne took over the family furniture business with high hopes of expanding their brand across Canada and that's exactly what he did. His quirky commercials and wild deals quickly got the attention of Canadian shoppers and secured the family business a lifelong success.

Here are some of our favourite Bad Boy commercials, featuring none other than three American presidents and a monkey! 

While it's hilarious to imagine a mayoral race with the catchphrase "Noooobody!" in it, the Lastman family has been serving Toronto and the GTA for decades. Their Instagram page shows them hanging out with prominent members of the city, like Premiere Doug Ford and Police Chief Mark Sauders. 

@lastmansbadboyembedded via  

@lastmansbadboyembedded via  

It's safe to say it will be a captivating race this fall with Lastman on the campaign. Considering John Tory will also be competing for a second term in office it will be interesting to see how the neighbourhood "Bad Boy" shapes up. 

Source: CP24 Toronto