When it comes to night life, there are two standard moods - sometimes you want to get buck wild at a night club, and sometimes you'd rather just chill at a house party.  In Ontario, there exists a place where you can satisfy both moods at the same time if you can't choose between the two.

The Johnsons Residence is a unique night club in Barrie that takes the form of a real life mansion. The entire place is styled with La-Z-Boy type furniture, obnoxious wallpaper, and six rooms matching those that you would see in a typical house. It holds the most epic house parties around; complete with the famous red solo cups, neighbourhood-disturbing music and even its own butler (his name is Jeeves, and he hosts the parties without the Johnsons knowing).

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The night club initially started out as just a place for house music enthusiasts, but after a while, founder and owner  Dustin Leigh realized that focusing on just the music wasn't enough. There needed to be something more; something beyond their booming sound system, flashy lights and bottle service that every other club already offers.

With some inspiration from places like Apt. 200 and The Addison's Residence, Leigh came up with the idea of transforming the night club into a mansion setting where people would feel like they were attending a college jam. He wanted to push the house party theme as far as he could, so he brought in some cool features to the space to really make it stand out. 

The night club is equipped with board games, arcade stations, bubble hockey, beer pong tables, N64 consoles with Mario Kart, and a giant ball pit. There are refrigerators where the beer is kept, multiple pizza deliveries, and late-night karaoke battles. There are even plans to create a huge backyard space for those chill summer nights. Needless to say, The Johnsons Residence is the coolest "house" on the block!

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Visit The Johnsons Residence at: 34 Dunlop St E, Barrie ON