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This Map Shows What The TTC Would Look Like If Every Subway Restaurant Was A Subway Stop

The Toronto transit system has quite a reputation for being small, slow and somewhat annoying amongst Torontonians. Of course, many of us depend on it every single day to get across the city but that doesn't mean it's always the smoothest ride. 

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Though the TTC was awarded the best transit system in North America this past year, it does seem to lack in size compared to other cities. Toronto has 75 subway stops over four lines, whereas Los Angeles has 93 subway stops and New York City has over 400. 

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Compared to the existing TTC subway stations, the Subway sandwiches map would be a subway system that provided Torontonians with a super accessible transit service. All the major streets would be on the subway line and you could easily grab any bus route. 

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The subway in Toronto opened the most recent expansion in 2017, growing past what was previously Downsview station (now Sheppard West). Now you can travel from Scarborough to Vaugh on the TTC but many would like to see more relief lines coming out of downtown. 

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Maybe Subway restaurants and the TTC could sign a deal so we could have a bigger and better system in no time. Until then, we'll just dream of how easy the commute to work would be. 

Source: Reddit

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