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This Map Shows How Much Your Car Insurance Will Cost Depending On Where You Live In Toronto

And it's a serious time and money saver.

At this stage, we're firmly entrenched in the adulting game. Even though the thought of adulting might have once made us all want to build a fort of bed sheets and avoid any semblence of responsibility... well, at this point, we're here. 

Adulthood can often be a little less than glamorous, true. But as we all know, the freedom that comes with it totally makes it worthwhile. Think about it: As an adult, you're free to do just about anything you want. 

Wanna not wash those dishes? Not a problem. Wanna wear mismatched socks on purpose? Awesome. Wanna drive wherever you want, whenever you want? You can do that, too.

Okay, we know what you're thinking: "Great, but being a car owner is so expensive." 

While that may be true, thankfully it's 2019 and sites like Kanetix.ca - which compares insurance rates - make it just a little easier to save those dollars we all work hard for. Guys, this site is the real deal. Scratch that, it's a major deal. As in, a major time and money saver. 

Kanetix.ca lets you compare and shop auto insurance rates from over 50 companies, so you’re sure to get the best deal. What’s more, using their InsuraMap tool, all you need to do is plug in your postal code in Toronto/the GTA to see what kind of zone you're in.

If it shows up green, like in certain parts of Uxbridge or Erin, then that means you're paying some of the lowest premiums based on your location. And anything that shows up in red? Well, that means you're paying some of the highest. For example, if you live in some parts of Etobicoke or North York, you could be paying some of the highest rates for auto insurance. 

Which means, of course, that if you plan on moving, the InsuraMap tool could seriously help you decide where to go. And, as if that isn't convenient enough, then wait for it: on average, Ontario drivers can save 30% on car insurance using Kanetix.ca. Yeah, thats a pretty huge win.

That's enough for a mini vacation- or just a solid reason to splurge on extra guac every. single. time. 

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