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This Map Will Take You On An Epic Toronto Patio Crawl You Have To Do Before Summer Ends

Toronto Patio SZN is officially winding down, and with Fall weather creeping closer comes the inevitable closing of some of Toronto's cutest patios for the season. Luckily, with a few weeks of Summer left, you still have time to embark on an epic patio crawl with your friends to experience every cool patio Toronto has to offer! 

You can view the patio crawl map by clicking here

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Pacific Junction Hotel // 234 King St E 

This quaint patio on King is the place to go if you want to be surrounded by vibrant colours and an awesome ambiance. The inside of the venue is just as eccentric but the secluded patio has a special place in every Torontonian's heart!

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Lavelle // 627 King St W 

Whether you are reaching Lavelle for the Instagram pic or going to actually enjoy the food and drinks offered, you'll have a great time. The spot has arguably one of the best views of the city and is a great spot for drinks!

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El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane 

This patio in the heart of Distillery is absolutely worth the trip. The rustic vibe, bright colours and amazing food all make for one of the coolest patios in the city!

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Gusto 101 // 101 Portland St 

Gusto's exposed wood and greenery will please even the pickiest of aesthetic enthusiasts. From the open rooftop to the relaxed vibe this is a perfect spot to wind down after a long day at work with your friends!

via @ashleydoung

Sky Yard at The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St W 

The Sky Yard is well known in Toronto for good reason. The eccentric space is second to none when it comes to design. Not only is this a great spot to take newcomers to the city but it's just as great of a spot to revisit as a local!

via @tategardnerr

The Porch // 250 Adelaide West

Have you really experienced Summer in Toronto if you haven't taken a photo with one of The Porch's drink pails with the CN Tower in the background? If you haven't, you seriously need to add that to your to do list before Summer ends!

via @chicagopaddy

The Chase // 10 Temperance

If you are looking for a classier vibe, The Chase is the place to go. From their amazing seafood to their luxurious patio space, this spot will please any bougie friend of yours!

via @johnnie_allen

Harvest Kitchen // 124 Harbord St 

If you are looking for a relaxed space with an earthy vibe, Harvest Kitchen is the spot to visit. The patio feels like a backyard with all the surrounding greenery and has a very chilled out feel to it!


Bovine Sex Club // 542 Queen St W 

If you are really into the earthy vibe or aesthetic, add Bone Sex Club to your list as well. Their crazy assortment of plants and flowers will please any plant lover!

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Kasa Moto // 115 Yorkville Ave

If you've got champagne taste when it comes to patios, it can be fulfilled at Kasa Moto! The luxurious spot features fine dining in a premium setting with a great view of the city.

via @_melsuth

Oasis Rooftop Lounge // 99 Blue Jays Way

Wayne Gretzky is the man behind this rooftop patio, so you know it's going to be amazing. The spot features not only a wicked patio set up but a ton of amazing food, so whether you want to visit to day drink or arrive at night you are guaranteed a good time!

via @sr_sfl

Mascot Brewery // 31 Mercer 

Finally, if you love the vibe of Distillery District, you will adore Mascot Brewery. The Brewery's rustic setting is a great place to grab a pint with friends and just hang out!

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