If you love matcha, you need to visit Matcha Cafe Maiko opening soon in Toronto. The cafe specializes in offering drinks and desserts made with matcha, a green tea that is full of antioxidants.

At Matcha Cafe Maiko, you need to try their matcha soft serve! In particular, their Golden Shogun, which is a matcha soft serve cone topped with edible gold foil, looks amazing.

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On the menu, you'll find tons of matcha desserts and drinks everything from lattes, floats, frappes, along with cold or hot cups of tea. If you have a sweet tooth, the ice cream parfaits topped with a variety of toppings like mochi or shaved ice bowls with matcha syrup and cream are sure to please.

When it comes to matcha, there is a big taste difference between low and high-quality tea. The lower quality matcha not only has a less vibrant shade of green but taste bitter too. At Matcha Cafe Maiko, they offer only premium matcha which comes straight from Uji, Japan, an area renowned for their matcha.

Matcha Cafe Maiko opened its first shop in Hawaii, but now there are several stores in the United States, one in China, and a brand new location in Richmond, British Colombia. On Matcha Stand Maiko website they have announced a new location in Toronto, scheduled to open this year. No location or opening date has been stated at this time.

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For more information regarding the new location in Toronto, make sure to check Matcha Cafe Maiko's website for when they announce the opening date.