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This May Be The Most Fascinating Island In Ontario

Beautiful sights and an interesting story.
This May Be The Most Fascinating Island In Ontario

Ontario is blessed with so many beautiful sights andlocations. From majestic parks to charming small towns, there's much to explore in the province. But of the many great places to visit, one of them stands out in particular - a beautiful island cradled by the almighty waters Lake Huron.

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Flowerpot Island is a little pocket of paradise that's only accessible by boat. Located just 6.5 km off the coast of Tobermory, the island is famous for not only for its iconic "flowerpot" rock pillars, but also for the great story behind them.

An old Ottawa and Chippewan legend tells the tale of two young individuals from different tribes who fell deeply in love with each other. But their love was forbidden, and so for many years they hid their relationship from everyone. Eventually, they decided to secretly elope so they could be together forever, but their tribes found out pursued them as they tried to escape. During the chase, the couple ended up crashing their boat on the island and were petrified into the two "flowerpot" rock pillars on the shore.

Today, the flowerpot structures continue to stand tall and are visited by thousands of people yearly. There are also several other cool activities to do on the island, including hiking through its caves, cliffs and forests.

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