Have you always wanted to live like a superhero? Did you just inherit millions of dollars from a distant relative? Well, if so, we have the perfect house to accommodate all of your needs. An almost 10,000 square foot modern Toronto home has just been put on the GTA's real estate market, and it looks like a place that Batman and Robin would relax in during their days off. The immaculate crib, located in Toronto’s Hoggs Hollow, overlooks a ravine which gives it a real Zen-vibe, perfect for a retiring superhero.

According to Toronto Life, the home was recently featured in the upcoming Netflix series Jupiter’s Legacy, which is already getting a ton of buzz online. The show focuses on the lives of superpowered children of great heroes who struggle to live up to the legendary feats of their parents. The lucrative series is shot in the GTA, alongside another popular series The Boys.

So, what does the million-dollar estate include? Well, for starters, its got a movie theatre and an aquarium, where if you were the supervillain, you could keep your sharks, but if that’s not enough, I guess you would have to settle for its solarium and billiards room.

Also, did we mention that it has an elevator? That way you don’t have to take the stairs in your own home, because if you’re paying $10 million for a house, you can’t be bothered with such pedestrian things as steps.

Also, if you’re a golfer and wealthy people tend to be, you’ll be happy to know that the property backs onto the Rosedale Golf Club. So, on your off days from fighting crime, you can work on your backswing and still make it home in time for dinner because your literally playing golf next to your house.

The only downside to this place is the fact that it's worth more money than most people are worth, and it also requires a lot of upkeep.

With tons of land, you'll need a landscaping team to keep the fallen leaves and other annoying pieces of nature from messing up your gorgeous view.

If you are looking for something a little more modest, you could always rent. We’ve even drafted up a couple of lists for you to help you out on your rental adventure.

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