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This New App Will Help You Buy Your First Condo In Toronto

Prepare to find the home of your dreams.

Let's be real: Buying a condo in Toronto can be a bit of an overwhelming experience that not many of us understand. Sure, condos are beautiful, and owning a home is one serious step towards reaching all your adulting goals. But how do you get started? How... everything?! It's all a little much - and sure, finding the right agent can help, but how do you even choose one?

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Well, no worries, home-buying hopefuls. That's exactly where one Toronto company comes in to save the day. 

Nobul is a website and app that focuses on helping Torontonians navigate through the world of real estate. They operate a little differently from other real estate sites, focusing on connecting the customer with the best agent for them rather than just any agent, which is the (often overlooked!) first step to finding yourself a dream home. 

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Basically, all you have to do is provide information about the type of property you're looking for and agents will then send you their best, tailored offers. You can then choose your favourite agent out of all of the bids. 

Using smart technology, Nobul provides consumers with transparency, personalization and a simple, rewarding experience. They make it easy for users to find an agent they really want to work with. But the best part? The agents may even offer to pay you for choosing them. Yes, you can even get paid for buying a home!

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And, fun fact -  In Toronto, condo popularity is on the rise. They actually make up the vast majority of affordable living options in the downtown core and surrounding areas, so the best time to buy might actually be now!

If that's not incentive enough, Nobul is so confident they'll help you find the right agent that they'll even pay the first 100 people who buy or sell a home with an agent they got from Nobul $1,000!

Oh, and one more thing: Nobul is also giving away a whopping $100,000 to one lucky person... so, uh, yeah, the time to buy is definitely now.

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Sign up for Nobul now online or through their mobile app, and check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more info!