It's no secret that summer in Toronto is high-key the absolute best season. Even though it's short AF, we've got tons of things to look forward to, like day drinking on all of our wicked patios like Drake Sky Yard, dancing up a storm at our favourite music festivals (looking at you, Veld), and indulging in our favourite ice cream from Sweet Jesus. Every.Damn.Day.

But while it's easy to get swept up in the good vibes of the big things, we often forget that the most fun things to do during the summer are also the most low-key.

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Honestly, would it even be summer without a trip to your friend's cottage in Muskoka? Nothing beats a cottage weekend with the people you love most, your bathing suit, and of course an ice cold beer in hand. 

Whatever you choose to do this summer, though, make sure you're enjoying as much of the great outdoors as you can. Summer in Toronto is awesome, but it doesn't last long.

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No worries, though. There are some super fun things you could do to make sure you 100% make the most out of every second of summer this year.

Like packing a cooler full of beer and heading to Sugar Beach or even just relaxing on your favourite Toronto patio and enjoying a nice, cold brew. 

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And this summer, Coors Light has made it even easier for all of us to soak in the summer vibes and enjoy a cold certified beer under a beating hot Toronto sun, all thanks to their brand new beer can technology.

Coors has totally stepped up the beer can game this year with their Coors Light Summer Certified cans. Found only in Canada, the cans have a special ink technology that's activated by UV rays.

Meaning once the can sees sunlight, the design completely changes colour. Is there anything cooler than enjoying a great beer, with a great, colour-changing can? I didn't think so. 

But just like summer, the Coors Light Sun-Activated Summer Cans can only stay for so long! You can get these exclusively in Canada all summer long, from now until Labour Day.

Sounds like the coolest thing ever? You know it does! For more information on the Coor Light Summer Certified cans, check out Coors Light Canada's Facebook right here.