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This New GO Train Route Will Make Commuting From Niagara Falls To Toronto So Much Easier And Faster

GO Train is now offering a commuters train from Niagara to Toronto.

As Ontarians, we’ve all started to notice the lack of transportation options from Toronto to Niagara Falls, especially if you are an early morning commuter. With awful traffic and buses being one of the few options to take, thankfully GO Transit has finally announced that morning and evening trains between Toronto and Niagara Falls will begin to run in the New Year.

Beginning January 7, 2019, you will now be able to take the Lakeshore West train between Niagara Falls and Toronto from Monday to Friday.  The train line's original last stop in Hamilton has been extended into Niagara, which allows new stops for both Niagara Falls and St. Catharines.

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This new extended train line will now depart from Niagara Falls at 5:19 AM and leave from Union Station at 5:15 PM which will allow commuters to have enough time to get to and from work each day.

Arriving four years ahead of schedule, this will be the first-ever commuter GO Train service between Niagara Falls and Toronto and is expected to make the commute both easier and faster.

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Those with Presto cards will now be able to hop from the GO train into the TTC lines at ease, using their cards for both systems without any hassle in your already rushed commute. 

Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek, reached out about the new addition, stating, “Too many people are stuck in gridlock across Ontario, costing our economy billions of dollars in lost productivity this year. That’s time away from work, leisure and family,”.

Yurek also stated that this is just the beginning of the new GO train extensions and that many other extensions around Ontario will be announced in the new year.

Source: Niagara This Week