It turns out Restoration Hardware doesn't just have gorgeous pricey furniture to offer Torontonians. The recent opening of the DIY decor spot also came with the unveiling of a jaw-dropping restaurant, The RH Courtyard Café, that you'll have to remind yourself is located in a furniture store

We aren't just talking about cute wallpaper and neon lights here, this is arguably one of the most gorgeously designed restaurants in Toronto- hiding in  a furniture store (I'm still not over this). You literally will feel as though you've stumbled into Paris considering how authentic the Parisian inspired decor is. I mean just look at these photos! 

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RH Toronto is the latest addition to the chain of stores found in North America.The sheer size and unbelievable design of the store itself is a good enough reason to check it out. It's probably safe to say that this 70,000-square-foot, four-level masterpiece is the most amazing store you will find anywhere in Toronto. 

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The unbelievably designed interior isn't the only thing going for this spot either, considering they boast a small but staple menu of favourites. While the full menu is not available online yet, you can expect dishes like their RH burger, lobster rolls, truffled grilled cheese and their signature scrambled egg dish. Though keep in mind that the menu has been noted to be quite minimal (considering it is primarily a furniture store). 

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If you are wondering how you can find yourself sipping on some champagne underneath the chandeliers, you'll just have to head over to Restoration Hardware. The restaurant is located on the main floor, though I doubt you'll have to look hard to find that iconic interior.