Get your cameras ready. Toronto is getting another Instagram-worthy restaurant. 

Hong Kong's The Dessert Kitchen (not to be confused with Markham's Dessert Kitchen) is expanding to The 6ix, and the menu is cause for celebration among the city's sweet tooths.

The Hong Kong-established restaurant is known for their menu of Japanese and Taiwanese-style shaved ices, jellies, waffles, ice creams, puddings, sundaes, and parfaits. The food here is so pretty, in fact, that you may not even want to eat it. 

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The Dessert Kitchen boasts signature desserts and seasonal specialties like mango pomelo sago, matcha Kakigōri, ice stream ramen and colourful sundaes alongside a whole host of hot and cold beverages ranging from steeped teas and frozen slushies to fruit flavoured milks and espresso drinks.

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With over 30 locations worldwide, it's no surprise that the Asian chain restaurant is a cult favourite. The Dessert Kitchen is set to launch its first Toronto store at 73 Harbord Street, beside U of T, sometime this month.