Just when you thought the Pokémon craze couldn't get any crazier - a new app called Pokédates has been developed by US startup Project Fixup to help Pokémon Go players find their true love while playing the game.

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The dating app is geared towards single Pokémon Go players, and it encourages them to meet with dates at designated Pokéstops or Pokégyms so that they could go out and catch Pokémon together. The app will organize everything from selecting matches, organizing a meeting time, and selecting the most convenient Pokéstop or Pokégym for a meet up.

Photo cred - PokéDates

Pokémon Go players will have a chance to customize their dating profile so that the service can match them with people who have similar interests. There is a catch though - the service charges $20 per date...

The first date, however, is free with the promo code "POKEDATES2016". PokéDates will be launched first in the US before it is launched in other countries.

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