Have you ever thought that two of your friends would be perfect for each other ?? Realistically, the age of physically going on dates without an initial social media interaction are gone. Further more, convincing your friends that they'd be perfect with the stranger you want to set them up with can be a tough battle. These days, people don't trust their friends when they suggest dating someone without a full background check and social media creeping session first.

Tinder knows this and they have created a solution for it. They are testing out a "share" button that literally lets you play matchmaker. You will be able to send a link of a potential match to your friends so they can see for themselves. The link will then expire after 5 clicks or 72 hours. If you haven't decided whether or not this person is for you by then, they probably aren't. Although it is still in its testing phase, this new feature could be the result of the beginning of many more relationships and or hook-ups. ?

Thank you Tinder for making online dating a real team effort. We appreciate it.

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