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This New Toronto Restaurant Will Be Your Go To Destination For Thai Food

Thai food has a special place in Torontonian's hearts. We love our curries, tom yum and pad thai, which means we LOVE when a new Thai spot opens up in the city. 

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Located  at 326 Adelaide St. W, Kiin (which means 'eat' in Thai) comes from the same brilliant minds who brought the city Sabai Sabai, Sukhothai and Pai, so expect to have your mind blown. 

Kiin takes Thai food, and elevates it to new heights, starting from the space of 35 seats. The restaurant has perfectly fused opulance (think marble floors and gold accents) with a tropical Thai feel. Can you spot the framed photos of the Thai Royal Family? 

The food and drinks are of course still the main attraction.  The style Chef Nuit Regular went with for this restaurant is known as Royal Thai cooking, where ingredients are extremely fresh and the dishes use techniques that are very delicate and require great attention to detail. 

Chef Nuit has taken dishes from all over Thailand so you can travel from north to south of the country without ever leaving your seat. 

Kiin's drink menu features classics like paper planes and negronis but with a Thai twist (LOOK AT THAT GARNISH!). If you're looking for something extra tropical, try their pina colada! 

Check it out and tell us what you think! 

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