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This Oakville Facial Shop Is Perfect For Your 2019 Self-Care Goals

Treat yo’self.

If one of your 2019 goals is to finally get the flawless skin you’ve always dreamed of, you’d better take a seat. We’ve got some VERY EXCITING NEWS.

Oakville was recently blessed with a Skoah facial shop, a Vancouver-based skincare company that’s changing the North American beauty game. With 14 locations spread out across Canada and the US, Skoah is getting people hooked on their unique concept: personal training for your skin. Say hello to your new skin care obsession!

Via Skoah

You train your body at the gym, and now you can get personal training for your skin at Skoah. How it works is simple: skincare trainers (specialized estheticians) analyze your complexion and address its specific needs. Then, they come up with a customized skin care workout (specialized facial) that’s formulated especially for your skin – and your skin alone. This means that on top of experiencing the best facial of your life, your skincare trainer will likely teach you something you didn’t know about your skin. Educational beauty at its finest!

Skoah’s skin care workouts are personalized for each guest, ranging in product and service. Typical in-house treatments include deep-cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, customized masks, and muscle-melting massages. 

Via Skoah

Your skin care trainer creates your custom treatment by targeting issues like dryness, oiliness, blemishes, pore reduction, aging, wrinkles, and more. This miracle facial shop treats all guests according to their specific skin care needs, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll get nothing but the best results.

Skoah uses proprietary products that have long-lasting effects, so you’ll keep on glowin’ long after you leave your appointment, feeling great in the skin you’re in! On top of being a top quality service provider, Skoah also blends the best of nature and modern science with their own simply powerful skincare products.

Via Skoah

Whether you’re in the market for luxurious gels, face masks, lotions, body scrubs, or more, their products reasonably range in price, starting from $18. This means you can add your new favourite skin care products to your at-home lineup without spending a fortune!

If you want the healthiest skin of your life, indulging in Skoah’s expert treatments is definitely the way to go. But be warned: you'll be hooked after your first skin care workout! (Can’t say we blame you).

Join either their monthly or annual facial shop membership program to get your glow on the regular, with heightened advantages. Membership perks include best facial pricing, members-only treats, and product discounts.

Skoah is without a doubt the GTA’s newest hotspot for your ultimate skin care needs. With a team of passionate skin trainers and connoisseurs on your side, your skin will never look better than with Skoah’s help! It’s the perfect way to wind down, relax, and treat yo’self to a little self-care. After all, you and your skin deserve only the best!

For a limited time, enter to win an entire year’s worth of complimentary Skoah facials ($1080 value). Once you put your name in to win, you’ll receive a $25 gift certificate to use on the Skoah facial of your choice. Ready to get your glow on? Enter to win 12 monthly facials now!

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Oakville’s Skoah’s facial shop is located at 515 Dundas St. W., Unit 11. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and visit their website for more info!