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This Ontario Bar Will Give You Free Entrance For Life If You Get This Bizarre Tattoo

You could very wall cash in some ankle ink for a lifetime of free club admission. That's exactly what a select group of party-goers in Barrie chose to do to avoid ever paying cover at The Johnson's Residence again. 

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Jeeves Edwards, a regular host at The Johnson's Residence in Barrie for 6 years now, posted a picture of his face on someone's body as a joke, that immediately grabbed attention from the club's loyal band of patrons. 

The Johnson's Residence is best known for throwing "house party" like events on Fridays and Saturdays, with guests ranging from their teens, twenties, thirties - all the way up to their sixties. The bar takes full form as the ultimate party house with a bedroom, kitchen, with throwback activities like Mario Kart, a fooseball table, and a ball pit. 

A local tattoo study, Ruby's Tattoo Studio, offered to tattoo the first 16 volunteers, with images specifically designed/affiliated with Jeeves and The Johnson's Residence. The owner of the tattoo parlour was happy to donate the shop's time and services to cross-promote. 

One loyal club goer, Taylor Hutchinson, 20, is opting to get host Jeeves' face on her ankle, while Matt Lazzarro, 23,  is opting for a red solo cup. The free cover tattoo designs include pictures of Jeeves (of course), some inspired by the iconic ball-pit and a classic red Solo cup.

So let us know, how far would you go for a lifetime of free cover?

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