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This Ontario Ghost Town Is Perfect For A Creepy Adventure

A spooky trip to the past.
This Ontario Ghost Town Is Perfect For A Creepy Adventure

Ontario has much more to offer than just tourist hubs and urban centres. If you look hard enough, you'll find some great hidden gems that are just as cool and exciting to explore.

One of those unique places is Cooper's Falls, a ghost town that was abandoned in the late 1960s. Initially settled by Thomas and Emma Cooper in the mid 1800s, the town thrived as a major supplier in the regional lumber trade. Over time, it developed its own schoolhouse, general store, blacksmith, cheese factory, town hall, churches, and, of course, a lumber mill.

However, when lumber supplies began to dwindle, people began to abandon the town to search for jobs elsewhere. Today, Cooper's Falls is classified as a ghost town, however, there are still approximately 14 residents who live in the surrounding perimeter. 

Many of the original buildings still stand, and offer perfect opportunities for exploration. You can visit Cooper's Falls this summer by following Highway 6 from the town of Washago in Simcoe County.

Creepy? Perhaps. Isolated? Yes. All the abandoned, secret vibes perfect for a little road trip with a few daring friends? Absolutely!

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