Ontario's towns are brimming with old world charm. Their connection to Europe is seen throughout the province, with several historical elements having been preserved throughout the years. Of the handful of European-esque towns, one stands out for its gorgeous scenery and seemingly slower pace of life.

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Perth has all the attractive qualities of a small town - cute boutiques, 19th-century stone buildings and tranquil green spaces. Nestled in a parkland along the Tay River, the town is just a short one-hour drive from Ottawa, and a four-hour drive from Toronto. Having originally been a military settlement in the early 1800s, the town has major heritage influences from its past Scottish, Irish and other European settlers.

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Many of the Scotish immigrants were stonemasons, which is why several of the buildings in the town are comprised of stone. Over the years, the town has become a hub for the arts, as well as for outdoor and recreational adventures. Tourists can indulge in historical sites like the Perth Museum and Inge-Va Museum, or get their nature fix by taking a stroll through nature along the Tay River Trail and Last Duel Park.

There are also several great restaurants to try in the area, as Perth has a booming culinary scene. It's particularly known for its love of maple syrup and garlic, and even has festivals dedicated for such.

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Perth has maintained a reputation for being one of the prettiest towns in Ontario. The town itself promotes itself as a heritage town, which is an accurate description - it has the second oldest weekly newspaper, the oldest operating golf course, and the oldest active town band in the country.

Whether you're looking to experience European vibes or simply need a destination for a weekend getaway, Perth will always be the right choice!

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Plan your road trip to Perth today!