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This Ontario University Was Voted #1 For Having The Best Reputation

Reputation is a pretty big deal, at least when it comes to being a world-renowned university. And apparently the University of Toronto is doing a spectacular job at keeping it's institution in high regard. 

Maclean's announced a series of awards this week, recognizing and ranking Canadian post-secondary institutions in a variety of categories, including "Best Reputation", to which UofT was awarded. This honour from Maclean's magazine came just a few days after UofT was named the world's top public university. Talk about having a good week. 

Referred to as the "city within the city", UofT was praised by Maclean's for its "multicultural campus, stunning architecture and bleeding-edge research" along with its impressive numbers: nearly 90,000 students, 14,000 faculty and a almost 600,000 alumni (myself included 🙋 ). 

For anyone who attended UofT, Maclean's hit the nail on the head by acknowledging that one of the major factors that draws students to the school are the unreal campus grounds that are literally like no other university in Toronto (or perhaps even in Canada), with the plush trees and one-of-a-kind heritage buildings that make the university so picturesque (and Hogwarts-like). 

But UofT's "stellar reputation" in research areas was one of the main deciding factors that awarded them this massive recognition from Maclean's, thanks to the many ground-breaking discoveries that the uni is so well known for. 

Kudos to you, UofT! 

Source: UofT, Maclean's 

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