Okay, so here's the lowdown. It's winter. Frost has rolled into the 6 and the parkas and questionable cold weather layering ensembles have come out. The white winter wonderland that you woke up to that morning quickly turned into a lovely shade of mush from the never ending traffic. All the cheer that comes with the holidays gets a little muted from the shouts of people trying to find the last size of that Drake Christmas sweater as the perfect gift. What do you need? About 10 cups of hot chocolate and a reminder of the true beauty that winter brings.

Enter the beautiful and historic city of Kingston. A 3-hour drive or a 2-hour train ride will get you out of the big city winter and into a countryside weekend escape. Lumina Borealis has only made us fall in love that much more with this incredible city.


There is BEAUTY right there, and this is just a little teaser of this extraordinary event. 

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To be honest, we had no idea what we've been missing all our lives until now. Lumina Borealis is an innovative, interactive, and jaw-dropping walk through a winter wonderland. You can't help but compare it to the magic of Frozen or the old folk tales about the beauty of winter you thought were complete nonsense - but get ready to be proven wrong.

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Lumina Borealis is a 1 km walk through historic Fort Henry that the geniuses at Parks of St. Lawrence have created for people looking for a new way to spend the cold months. Around every corner, there is a new aspect of a winter wonderland that's filled with animated woodland creatures dancing along the stone walls, mystical music, trails through ice blocks and illuminated pine trees and a grand finale that makes you feel like you're in a movie.

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This sounds a little too good? Like a perfume commercial or an episode of The Bachelor? No, you're not dreaming- this is a real thing. Sometimes a little escape from Toronto or wherever we call home is just what we need to appreciate winter. And on top of that, it's the perfect occasion to make some kickass memories so you can be fall in love with winter all over again.


But let's get real, the only way to take in this true magic isn't just to drive to this magical event and get back in a car listening to the same top 40 songs again as you get home. Make this an EXPERIENCE by taking in all the charm of Kingston and spending the weekend here!

The culinary scene in Kingston has been brewing for years and is finally getting the recognition it deserves, plus the community feel is so on point that it's the perfect place to spend a cozy winter weekend. Skate in the Springer Market Square, grab some hot chocolate to bring on your adventure and finish it off with some world class eats. With beautiful hotels that overlook the water and adorable historic inns (among many others), you won't believe you're only a couple hours away from home.

Long story short? Grab your squad, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, long lost cousin, or even just your parka and head here for an easy, cheap, and stunning experience.


Lumina Borealis is open until February, with entrance times to your *winter wonderland* between 5 and 11 p.m.! Tickets are 12$ each, 10$ for kids 6-12, and free for anyone 5 and under!

Check out all the info for Lumina Borealis here! And for all the info you need on your Kingston weekend retreat, check out Visit Kingston.


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Enjoy the magic.