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This Passport Will Get You Into More Countries Than The Canadian Passport

It's the cream of the crop for visa-free travel.

When it comes to visa-free travel, one nation's passport reigns supreme.

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According to the Passport Index Global Passport Power Rank 2017, the most powerful passport a traveller can own, for the third year in a row, is Germany's, which has the highest visa-free score (159). Such score is a combination of its visa-free entry (125) and visa-free arrival (34) scores, with the former taking precedence in the ranking.

In comparison to the Canadian passport (which has a visa-free score of 155), the German passport can gain visa-free access to 6 more countries (177 compared to Canada's 171).

Singapore came in a close second, having the same overall visa-free score as Germany (159) but being slightly below in its visa-free entry score (122 compared to Germany's 125).

Alongside Germany and Singapore, the following passports are also stronger than the Canada's and comprise of the top 10 in the world:

3. Sweden – visa-free score: 158

4. Denmark – visa-free score: 157

5. Finland – visa-free score: 157

6. Italy – visa-free score: 157

7. France – visa-free score: 157

8. Spain – visa-free score: 157

9. Norway – visa-free score: 157

10. United Kingdom – visa-free score: 157

Perhaps a dual citizenship application to Germany is in order?