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This Pink Waterfall Is Canada’s Coolest Hidden Gem (Photos)

Pink water isn't something that only exists in a Nicki Minaj music video Canada is home to a unique waterfall that changes into a pink colour on occasion.

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Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park is the site of Cameron Falls, a stunning waterfall that flows with clear waters on regular days. During periods of abnormally heavy rain, however, the waters are stirred up with a sediment called argolite, which emits a pink colour when light is reflected on it.  The result is a pink waterfall that collects into a reservoir of the same colour.

Catching the falls in the middle of its colour change is a very rare opportunity. The conditions need to be near perfect in order for the falls to turn pink, so there's no guarantee you'll see a pink waterfall during you next visit. However, photographers who have frequently shot at the falls recommend that visitors who do decide to try their luck should go during the rainy season (spring and summer) to increase their odds of seeing it.

A short hike to the base of the falls, exquisite timing, and a lot of patience is what it will take to catch the surreal phenomenon. There's also a developed viewing area and bridge for those who would rather view from a distance.

Rochelle Coffey is one of the lucky individuals who managed to see Cameron Falls turn pink. It was during one of her hikes with her husband, after a period of heavy rain. Coffey said that it took nearly two hours for the sediment to reach the falls.

"Earlier in the day there was heavy rain fall, which isn't uncommon, but the conditions must have been just right to bring down that much sediment," she told The Daily Mail.

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